In our world of technology, especially on social media and the internet we are inundated with images and it is often difficult to distinguish between what is real and what isn’t. As texting has become our favorite mode of communication, whether it’s on Whatsapp, Instagram messaging or Snapchat, we are exchanging ideas through written words without seeing a person. It’s almost like watching a movie in 3D making it very difficult to understand what is real and what is artificial. In these bouquets, natural and artificial flowers are mixed, and in each electronic devices can be found: headphones, a wire with usb, etc. These new technologies are seamlessly intertwined in our everyday life as we voluntarily entangle ourselves in the "ultra-modern" web. The world is on the verge of creating artificial intelligence. With these creations I want to immortalize the essence of the present.


Photographer: Alexey Sedov

Florist: Irina Sedova

Stylist: Galina Smirnskaya

ArtIrina CheryakArt